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We have had a successful year fundraising but at the same time all the news from our friends in Rukiga has not been good. 
Bishop Stephen from St James' Church has had a most difficult year with a series of serious health issues within several members of his family. We have been keeping his situation in our prayers.

Florence who heads up KWID had a mother pig struck by lightening which meant very hard and dedicated work by her and her team to keep the piglets alive. However they are doing well and thriving.

The Family Photoshoot was held at St Giles Hall Ickenham Saturday 23 November. See fund raising

Succesful annual carol singing was held at Uxbridge Underground station Wednesday 11 December 5-7pm. See fund raising

We have already had several fund raising events including a sponsored cycle ride, a car wash and another evening at Birothi Indian

Above shows the staff and student football teams from Kamwezi Parent's School. The pupils had just won the match. Score 3:2     Well done boys!


This photograph shows one of our sponsored children who has recently been able to purchase a goat. He will be able to sell the offspring in order to raise funds for his education. It illustrates how people are able to help themselves once given a start. He has also been able to buy a mattress and the green fabric will be made into school uniforms.

Trip to Rukiga July 2011


Worthwhile meetings took place to identify new areas of work to be done as well as assessing progress being made. The links with St. Jame's Church, Kamwezi Parent's School, KWID (Kabale Women in Development) and Watford Young Football Team, continue to flourish.


Vyner's School in Ickenham is fostering relationships with Kamwezi Parent's School and a group of pupils from Vyners will be visiting the school.


We have had a very extensive report for funding from QWID. We are now funding three staff to help in this work.


The Watford team were presented with new kits and the news is that they are playing very well and have amongst them some talented players.






 Visit to Rukiga September 2010 by Mike Whitlam, Ken Tombs and Wendy Williams

This trip was due to take place in April but had to be postponed because of the volcanic ash stemming from Iceland. However we finally made it and the recent visit was very successful. We were able to assess the progress that has been made on the water projects and saw at first hand the real difference that has been made to the lives of those benefitting from it. The water project for which were raising money is now almost at completion point. Almost £24,000 has been raised locally. During our visit meetings were held with various bodies to ascertain where we would next focus our attention. 

Whilst there, we were able to identify 4 areas we would like to raise money for. The first is KWID (Kyanbuhangwa Women in Development) secondly, St James Church, thirdly Kamwezi Parents School and lastly the 'Watford' junior football team. These 4 groups are all within a fairly small area and therefore we felt this made our 'community to community link' idea more meaningful.

So with excitement we move onto

Click 4ward



St. James Church


Library of Kamwezi Parent's school


'Watford' junior football team


World Vision gave us tremendous support by way of arranging meetings, providing us with roadworthy vehicles and excellent drivers and getting us to the right place at the right time.

The Ugandans we met, despite hardships, remain warm and exude joy and happiness. As we say there is much for us to learn too.

During the winter of 2008/2009, Mike and Mim together with Annette from World Vision, revisited Rukiga. One of the best things during this visit was to make contact with some of the children being sponsored by our local people. In one house they visited, probably typical of many, these children live in houses with mud floors with chairs set around a small low table. With just one small window with shutters but no glass, they are dark inside. Mud walls are covered in places by newspapers, some English. Probably the likelihood is just one bedroom and a small kitchen which is a charcoal fire outside to the rear of the house. For some, clean safe water is collected from taps nearby, brought about by the early stages of the water projects we have been funding. Some are still waiting for our help.

The children visited were each left a present, photos and letters. These items were very much appreciated, as was the fact that people from so far away were interested in their lives and wanted to help. Our group too were given a small gift from these families. The group saw firsthand the huge difference that sponsorship can make. If you feel you could offer support in this way, please look on this website for the sponsorship page.






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