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September 2017

August 2015


“At St James Buhangizi C.O.U CLICK Rukiga worker
Hillary got married to Precious on 28th August 2015. Many family members and friends prepared for the celebrations.  Well wishers brought drinks, others donated money while some offered
their time to clear the homestead, fetched water, collected firewood and carried food staffs. The wedding was colourful and joyous. Family members prepared songs to entertain the visitors.  They also listened to many speeches from parents, friends and well- wishers. Everybody present thanked God for Hillary and wished him a happy and
prosperous marriage.”



KWID with support from Click Rukiga, purchased 5 acres of land worth 20 million Ugsh. Working on a small space was a major challenge to KWID. We have fenced the land; we have started on the process of acquiring its land title after which we will have actual drawings for construction of office premises and other necessary buildings needed to implement KWID activities.”

KWID savings and credit scheme was supported by click Rukiga. Due to the support, all members were able to access loans. We were able to give loans to every member. And 18 were able to pay school fees for their children, 4 were able to clear medical bills while the rest of the members used the loan to improve household income. KWID was able to raise one hundred and twenty thousand Uganda shillings from piggery project and was able to give seven piglets to members who had not yet received them. This has enabled us to have more members enrolled in income generating activities and a big number of them are now motivated with the economic activity.


Shirley’s project.

Thanks to Shirley. We have been able to enjoy spinach, egg fruits, carrots and sukuma from the kitchen garden she initiated and funded in her last visit to the school. The goats have grown and even the hens are still doing well.


A word of thanks, from Peter Byaruhanga.

Many thanks from the community of Kamwezi for the contribution made towards the community water project. The new source has been connected to the old system and the flow of water has increased. Kamwezi Parents’community will always thank you because the link that exists between us has brought lots of positive impacts.  Lots of thanks go to the entire community of Ickenham. May God reward you richly. 


We are still waiting to hear when Florence might visit us from Rukiga. Florence heads up K.W.I.D. (Kabale Women In Development) for which we raise money. She is an extremely inspirational lady who works tirelessly to improve the status of and conditions for women in that area. Her visit was due to take place in April but there was a huge amount of red tape in obtaining her visa, which has resulted in a delay to the visit.


The spin off from the visit of Vyner's pupils to Kamwezi Parent's School in Rukiga last summer has been very pleasing. The pupils have been inspired to raise funds for and think seriously about the school there. 

The solar panels donated by a company here, have been put in place and apart from waiting for a further battery, they are set up. The Internet link will follow. Once it is all up and running, there is a chance that the school might set up facilities to allow internet use by the community.

With the withdrawal of World Vision, we have needed to make other arrangements for financing presently sponsored children and a way of taking on other children.   This is being done through St. James' Church with whom we closely work. Obviously terms and conditions for sponsorship have had to be very carefully worked out.


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